Safety Rules System

Manage Safety rules dedicated to radioisotopes production facilities

safety rules

custom rules to fit your needs

global supervising

keep an eye on everything

database record & report

realtime event recording

remote support

remote control & online support

S.R.S collects all information from facility to provide actions or signals. The rules are designed by the customer.

The collected information are provided by facility components, like fire alarm, fire damper, ventilation, pressure, ....

S.R.S collects these signals and executes the rules designed by the customer (based on combinatories)

The result of this rule (combinatory) provides an action like activate a signal, display a message, send an email, send a sms, ....

S.R.S. is perfect to give cyclotron beam autorization, transfer authorization, building safety state, .....

S.R.S. can collect all information type boolean, analogic, counter, serial protocol, usb, .....

Operating Process :

S.R.S checks the facility, gives a «Building Ready» status, authorizes cyclotron beam, transfer or other de ned actions by user.

S.R.S allows building management by:

  • - Controlling cyclotron process and transfer process
  • - Interfacing with all facility alarm systems and components
  • - Checking ventilation and re dampers status
  • - Informing staff on all defects arising in the facility.

Database collects the information for displaying, alerting and backup.

The displayed module’s screens are specific but can be designed according to your needs.

Database can be used in maintenance mode or multi-site mode through remote access.