Vault Access System

Manage access authorization to the cyclotron room

people access control

ensure nobody is inside cyclotron room

grant cyclotron usage

no cyclotron beam without authorization

report cyclotron status

warning lights display & sound alarm

really cheap

enhance your security without enhancing the price

V.A.S. manages the process of access authorization to the cyclotron room (vault).

It authorizes cyclotron start-up only after ensuring that no one remains in the vault.

Following this authorization, it also informs on cyclotron status (Magnet, RF and Beam).

V.A.S can also manage vault access authorization after a beam, depending on the residual radioactivity level (optional)

Operating Process :

V.A.S controls vault access safely.

V.A.S allows vault access by:

  • - Authorizing cyclotron beam
  • - Managing Round process
  • - Monitoring vault door contacts
  • - Informing staff on cyclotron status
  • - Measuring vault residual radioactivity level before authorizing vault access (optional).

Database collects the information for displaying, alerting and backup.

The displayed module’s screens are specific but can be designed according to your needs.

Database can be used in maintenance mode or multi-site mode through remote access.