Transfer Switch Distribution System

Transfer from cyclotron targets content to laboratories hot cells

safe delivery

interlock doors & shutdown valves

friendly user interface

intuitive yet powerful features

easy upgrade

add more lines afterward

delivery report

keep tracks of your transfers

T.S.D.S is an automated system which is intended to be used for managing transfer of cyclotron(s) target radiofluids to Laboratory Hot Cells.

T.S.D.S is completely adaptable to the specificities of your facility.

Its modular architecture allows managing several types of liquid or gas transfer lines (18F-, 18F2, 11C, 150, 13N...)

coming from several targets from one or more cyclotrons.

In the same way, it can be configured according to the desired number of Hot Cell and laboratory destination.

Operating Process :

T.S.D.S. ensures safe management of target transfers between cyclotron(s) and laboratory Hot Cells.

T.S.D.S allows transfer management by:

  • - Controlling the multiport valve(s) and displaying their position feedback
  • - Managing transfer conditions
  • - Activating cyclotron transfer authorization
  • - Informing staff on transfer status.
  • - Hotcell states

Database collects the information for displaying, alerting and backup.

The displayed module’s screens are specific but can be designed according to your needs.

Database can be used in maintenance mode or multi-site mode through remote access.